BackHi everyone. I am an enthusiastic 18 year old, who is always bouncing off the walls with energy. I thoroughly enjoy making use of my chatter box and excess liveliness, by partying and interacting with kids at a show.

FAVOURITE FOOD: if chocolate is classified as a food… then chocolate it is!
FAVOURITE SONG: I Gotta Feeling…Black Eyed Peas. Great song that always get me and the kids up and jumping about!
THE BEST FUN I HAD AT A SHOW WAS…every show where I can see the kids having as much fun and goofing around as much as I am. I also love watching kids that may perhaps be shyer come out of their shells and rock the stage.
FAVOURITE COMIC CHRACTER: Na Na nanana BATMAN…who wouldn't love to wear a cape like his and catch criminals in the dark
FAVOURITE DISNEY MOVIE: Tough to pick a favorite but would have to be Hannah Montana: the movie followed by an all time classic "The Parent Trap"
FAVOURITE VENUE: Sandown Park Hotel