BackHi im Kate and Im 24 years old. I am a self proclaimed drama queen! (lol)
 I am currently training at Film and Television Studios and Im happiest when Im doing anything to do with performing or working with kids!
Below are some of my favs -

  • Favorite food- it's a tie between spaghetti bolognese, chocolate and sushi!
  • Favorite song- Firework by Katy Perry... makes me feel inspired every time I hear it!
  • The best fun I had at a show was when….. anytime the kids are having as much fun as me getting up there singing their hearts out and dancing away!
  • Favorite TV show- United States of Tara or Gossip Girl
  • Favorite comic character- Spiderman or Dash from The Incredibles
  • Favorite Disney movie- The Lion King
  • Favorite venue- Burvale Hotel
Come and join me singing dancing and being a drama queen at our next show!
See you then.