BackHi everyone Im Hayley and I have just moved from the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne. I am a Karaoke Queen and once I start I cant stop singing! Im currently studying at the VCA and looking forward to meeting you all here.

My Favorite food: Lasagna
My Favorite song: Raise Your Glass - Pink

The best fun I had at a show was when….. The kids at one of my parties decided to name themselves 'band' names and always sang in groups. Soon, it turned into Girl bands vs Boy bands. Competition was fierce, so it had to be settled with the greatest DANCE OFF of all time!

The funniest thing that happened to me at a show was….. One little boy at a show had some wicked dance moves. The funniest one was when he showed me how he could put both his hands in his pockets, take a few running steps, jump in the air, land, and keep on running - all with his hands still in his pockets! So cute..

Favorite TV show: Modern Family
Favorite comic character: Superman
Favorite Disney movie: Cinderella
Favorite venue: The Norfolk Tavern (Gold Coast, Queensland)

So Im looking forward to rock with you down here in Melbourne - Queenslanders I will be back but I know  Sunny,Jane and Amanda will love to Karaoke with you all.