BackHi I'm Emma :), but you can call me the karaoke queen! I love all sorts of artists like Pink, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and even more Rock and Roll bands like Wolfmother and of course, Muse!

My Favourite Artist of all time is Tori Amos - I could listen to her sing all day long!
I loooovvveee cheese! If you want to bribe me make me a cheese platter and I will be putty in your hands. It is my weakness.

My favourite Disney movie of all time is The Little Mermaid and I wish I could breathe underwater. (I love Ariels red hair!) and my favorite children's tv show is My Little Pony and when I was little I had HEAPS of them at home to play with :)

The Best fun I had at a show was when all the lights accidently went out at the bistro and all you see with was the party lights up on the stage! It was like a big  disco and all the kids went wild like they were at a rock concert!

One time I stepped off the stage and was sung to by a charming young Karaoke Prince (he was about 10) proposing marriage into the microphones in front of a bistro full of patrons! LOL!

I love to dance and be silly and sing as loud as I can so If you and your friends like all different kinds of music and wanna have some crazy fantabulous extreme fun then Karaoke 4 Kids is the party for you!