BackHeya guys and gals,

My names Cathi and I reckon i've been singing since before i could speak! I love any chance I can get to jump around and be silly with all my friends while we listen to our favourite artists, and show off our moves on the dance floor. Thats whats so great about K4K cause it gives the chance for all you other crAzy fruits and nuts out there to come and join me in some seriously fun times! Karaoke is the best even if your a little shy cause it gives us all the chance to have a go and find our inner diva or rockstar and have a mad time with our mates in the process.

My favourite singer at the moment would probably have to be Adele or Sia but i also love all the classic pop songs that get you all hyped up like Katy Perry's Firework or even Gangnam style. One of my favourite movies of all time is the Peter Pan movie Hook and i've always wanted to be one of the mermaids from it, and of course im a huge Disney fan. Name any Disney song from any movie and i bet i know all the words!

So if you guys are thinking like i do that it would be a great idea to have a fun fuelled karaoke party then make sure to get in contact with Karaoke4kids and bring on the good times and i'll see you soon :D