BackMy name is Caitlyn. Well it all started when I was in my kindergarten play.
I was cast as a farmer who would hit the bugs on their was then that I knew I wanted to perform on stage! My favourite thing to do is singing and dancing - so I love it when karaoke singers pick songs from 'Hairspray' or 'Mama Mia' that they can boogie to.

I love lots and lots of Disney movies, but I think that my favourite would be 'Beauty and the Beast', because Belle learns to love the Beast for who he is on the inside (and gets to wear pretty dresses). My favourite television shows are 'Glee' and 'Gilmore Girls', because they are very funny.

I love to eat potato salad and beetroot dip (but not together), as well as chocolate. I teach musical theatre classes and am performing in the musical 'Annie', so I really love to hear kids singing and having fun!