BackHey my name is Brooke,
I am very friendly and am always either smiling or laughing!
My favourite food would have to be naturally chocolate, its only the best thing invented ever!

My favourite song at the moment, well to be honest I like a lot of songs, but just to name a couple: haunted and sparks fly by Taylor Swift, Grenade by Bruno Mars and The Time by Black Eyed Peas!

The best fun I have had at a Karaoke 4 Kids show was when I helped this little girl who was really shy to go up to sing, I knew she wanted to but didn't have the confidence, and I helped her and everyone encouraged her and she ended up having a ball!

It made me have an even better time knowing this little girl had a chance to sing!

The funniest thing that has happened to me at a show was when some of the equipment had a temporary malfunction (the speakers) and we had to sing and dance to keep the children entertained. The kids ended up pulling out phones and playing music! It was so funny because with or without microphones the kids still had fun! We fixed the problem and carried on our karaoke.

My favourite comic character is Tweety Bird, he's just too cute! My favourite Disney movie is: Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast!
I hope to see you soon X