BackHi! I'm Abbey, I love to sing and dance. I have been working for Karaoke4Kids for just over one year now and I love it.

When I was little I use to dress up in my best dresses and give my whole family big concerts! I grew up in a very musical family and so my love for entertainment was a natural progression.

My favourite food is chocolate fondant and my favourite movie is Hairspray! I love Disney and my favourite Disney princess is Snow White. I got a costume of her when I was about 5. I remember going down to the hardware store with dad all dresses up as her.

The most fun that I have ever had at a show was at a venue one night when the lights in the room went out and we had some cool disco lights and put those on, the whole room turned into a big disco and we had around 80 people come in!

Shh!! A little secret – I have been the face of Karaoke 4 Kids since I was around 4 - look……